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Electrical Services

Our sweeping electrical services only offer the most comprehensive and safest electrical installations for your residential and commercial utility needs. From Electric Vehicle Charging stations such as ECS or EVSE to sustainable energy set-ups for your advanced and modern energy needs—we got you covered.

Residential and Commercial Electricians

If your home or business have electrical emergencies, Electric Man can come right at your doorstep 24/7. Our professionals can repair, replace, and install complex electrical wirings, electrical panels, or your new outlets in a breeze.

Looking for fast professionals to conveniently set-up good lighting to your homes or office fixtures? Electric Man can provide additional security lighting, quality holiday lighting, or even wireless lighting to brighten up your interiors or landscapes.

Safety will always be our top priority. Whether it’s Tamper-Resistant Receptacles, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets, Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) outlets, or even USB outlets—we got you covered.

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Child Proof Outlets

Child proof and tamper resistant outlets had to be installed strategically and must be set-up by professionals that comply with the National Electric Code (NEC). This is essential if raising kids to avoid electric shock accidents on unprecedented occasions.

Electrical Safety Inspections

We cannot deny the fact that most house fires are caused by electrical issues. Electric Man can provide you with a thorough and comprehensive list of recommendations for unforeseen hazards and upgrades you needn annually.

Dedicated Computer Circuits

For companies that run on computers, you will need professionals that can customize and install the appropriate circuit breakers to avoid blown fuses and tripped circuit breakers for uninterrupted operations, data safekeeping, and computer maintenance.

Electrical Code Updates

Our household and establishments have to abide by the National Electrical Code (NEC) that is being updated every three years. These regulations and safety standards are well kept by Electric Man ever since.

Surge Protection

Invest on reliable power protection and power overload by using surge protection devices to prolong the optimum performance of your appliances.

GFCI Outlets

This kind of outlet can detect the ground fault of your plug that may cause fatal electric shocks especially on wet areas such as the bathroom or the kitchen. The GFCI, which also contains an internal switch, shuts off the flow of electricity in the outlet sparing you the shock.

Wiring Updates

Outlets and wirings can be underrated as they may not scream once you unplug one device to be replaced with another. Although through time, they can be outdated and turn into a fire and safety hazard. Electric Man will help you maintain and upgrade what you need.

Circuit Breaker Replacements

In order for you to avoid expensive panel replacements and blown fuses caused by electrical overload, invest on the appropriate circuit breakers that can spare you the major expensive hassle. Know the best people to tap on that at Electric Man.

Lighting Services

Ballast and Bulb Replacement

To prolong the life of your lamps, you will need the fluorescent lighting system which is the lighting ballast that has to match the light bulb type used.

Lighting Controls

Do you know a way to maintain or even improve the resale value of your home? Custom lighting design is the key to improve how your home or establishments look inside out.

Bathroom and Kitchen Lighting

Highlight features and improve the functionality, safety, and looks of your bathroom and kitchen with custom lighting design by Electric Man today.

Recessed Lighting

One of the most popular and efficient lighting at home or in buildings if you would want to go for simple, contemporary, and minimalist interiors. This is also used in highlighting pretty features at your home.

Motion Sensors

Want to save time, money, and energy for exterior lights? Get your patio or back door some motion sensor lights to flash you up by the doorstep. This also helps in adding security to your home from burglars or wild animals.

Holiday Lighting

Want the feels of the holiday? Get your home or establishments decorated with some bliss using holiday lighting sets that are sure to be safe and running in the span of the season—may it be indoor or outdoor lights to cover your landscapes.

Commercial Specialty Lighting

Not only does it save energy, custom lighting also improves the ambiance and beauty to your spaces. Electric Man can set you up with the most suitable lighting to your establishments or offices.

Retrofit Lighting

Overtime, your light bulbs will eventually dim or flicker. One way to improve the light levels and eliminate any maintenance headaches, you get yourself a lighting retrofit. Electric Man can help you upgrade your lighting fixtures and use the most energy efficient ones in the market.


This is essential in fully-operating businesses or anywhere with appliances and electronics. To tame your high voltage electrical loads, Electric Man can get you a personally designed custom transformer or install pad-mounted units.

Landscape Lighting

Not only can we brighten up your holidays or just the day-to-day exteriors, Electric Man will help you set-up solar lights and motion sensor lights to lighten up your landscape and add security to your homes.

Light Dimmers and Timers

Not only is it energy and cost efficient, light dimmers and timers can help you enhance the lights with your fingertips as you wish, and can reduce utility cost while you’re away. Electric Man can help you choose the perfect lighting set-up for this.

Track and Accent Lighting

Transform your living or working spaces using track and accent lighting only designed and personalized by Electric Man. This will help you enhance pretty textures and architectures while also improving the efficiency of your spaces.

Electrical Safety

Electrical Panel Upgrades

To prevent hazardous electrical issues from renovations or home upgrades, you need to make sure that you are using the safer and modern electrical panels that will ultimately suit the modern technology without the fear of overloading or short circuits.

Circuit Installations and Upgrades

Dimming lights? Scorched outlets? Don’t trip—just leave it to your circuit breakers and circuit upgrades that the heavy duty electronics need in your homes or establishments .

Ceiling Fan Installation

Trust the professionals shouldn’t you wish the world to fall on your shoulders...literally.

EV Charger Installation and Service

For electrical vehicle owners, it is necessary to set-up professionally installed ECS or EVSE charging stations for your hybrid cars.

Exhaust Fan Installation

To protect your home or business spaces from structural damages caused by mold and extra moisture and to keep it well-ventilated—it is necessary to install exhaust fans on strategic areas where electrical wirings are also safe from getting wet.

Home Generators

If you are running a household or a business, it is necessary to back your power up due to some factors like extreme weather conditions or even facility and data security. That’s when professionals can step up while you boost your game with no power interruption.

Commercial Generators

For operating businesses that rely much on machineries and computers, commercial generators help you keep it running with no interruption from power outages.

Commercial Energy Savings and Audits

For safety and assurance, energy-efficient plans for power consumption have to be assessed before your business will operate to achieve minimum electrical cost. As we know, utility cost is a huge cut to your business profit if not evaluated properly.

Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrades

To dodge the safety hazards such as electrical overload that can damage your devices, grounded wirings that can cause injury, or even fire that can come to a total catastrophe—you need to maintain and upgrade your electrical panels regularly.

Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

Replacing your air filters and keeping up an annual electrical inspection for carbon monoxide and smoke detectors is advised to make sure these safety features are working throughout the year.

Solar Energy Systems

The most sustainable and modern way of using up energy is through solar panels. Not only does it save you the electrical bill in the long run, it can also lessen our carbon footprint on this planet.

Power Conditioners

In order to maintain and keep your appliances and electronics up and running in the long run, you will need a power surge protection that will give out controlled and consistent power supply and not worry about your devices from breaking down easily.

Power Consumption Meters

One way to closely monitor your electronics and appliances’ quality and power consumption is by installing power consumption meters. This way, you can control the use of energy and gage the gadgets that are being overused.

Tankless Water Heaters

The best way to conserve energy while making sure you get a hot shower ready when you need it is to switch to a tankless water heater if you haven’t yet. These gas-burning tankless water heaters can operate for 20 years or more plus it’s 22% more energy efficient than gas-fired storage-tank models in tests.

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